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The wall detector is a device launched by our company to solve various problems encountered by users in decoration and drilling. This product can detect metals (steel bars, copper pipes) hidden in multiple scenes such as walls, ceilings, and gypsum boards, cables, unique appearance design and powerful performance are deeply loved by consumers.

Three Detection Modes:

1. Metal detection: Magnetic metals (rebar, iron) and non-magnetic metals (wires, copper pipes).

2. Cable detection: Live cables.

3. Wood detection: Foreign objects behind gypsum board walls, exposed wooden floors, plywood, and coated wood walls.

Note: Cannot detect concrete, mortar, bulk objects, bricks, carpets, foil-faced materials, metal surfaces, tiles, glass, etc.

Detection Depths:

- Wood: 38mm (depth mode); 20mm (precision mode)

- Live cables: 40mm

- Non-magnetic metal (copper): 100mm

- Magnetic metal: 120mm

Display and Technology:

- Precision positioning marker: Center bore design

- Type-C charging port

- High-definition backlit screen display

- ABS shockproof outer shell + side anti-slip texture + through-hole acrylic panel + silicone tactile buttons

Functionality and Features:

- Anti-interference high-performance module for precise detection.

- Detection alerts: Indicator lights, peak beeps, screen prompts.

- Real-time adjustable sensitivity (WD-01 excluded): Manual adjustment.

Connectivity and Power:

- Battery capacity: Built-in 3.7V, 300mAh lithium battery, approximately 2 hours of working time.

- Automatic shutdown: Shuts down after 5 minutes of inactivity.

- Type-C charging port

Application Scenarios:

- Home renovation/remodeling;

- Wall decoration/appliance installation;

- Bridge/highway maintenance.

Package Size:

- 7.99 x 3.9 x 1.73 inches; ‎4.2 ounces

- 20.29 x 9.91 x 4.39 cm; 0.119 kg

Package Contents:


- 1 x WD-02 Wall Detector Scanner

- 1 x Manual

- 1 x Storage Bag

Warning Tips:

- Use a Type-C charger with 5V output and ≥500mA current for safe charging.
- Ensure the detection area is free of moisture before starting the detector; dry it if necessary.
- Prevent moisture from entering the detector and avoid direct sunlight exposure.
- Wait for the detector's temperature to stabilize if it has been exposed to significant temperature differences.
- Avoid using microwave ovens or other emission devices near the detector.
- Environmental factors like proximity to machines producing strong magnetic or electromagnetic fields, moisture, metal-containing building materials, aluminum-coated insulation, conductive wallpaper, and carpets can affect detection results.
- Always refer to relevant instructions (e.g., architectural drawings) before drilling or sawing walls, ceilings, or floors.
- Turn off power, gas, and water supply before drilling or nailing through walls with live wires.
- Remove jewelry like rings or watches when using the detector to avoid interference.
- Move the detector evenly on the wall surface without lifting or changing pressure.
- Maintain constant contact between the tool and the wall surface during scanning.
- Ensure fingers holding the tool do not touch the scanned surface.
- Avoid touching the detector or scanned surface with other body parts.
- Scan slowly for maximum accuracy and sensitivity.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Pearl Romaguera

The Product operates well, within few seconds detects hidden metal or wood. It does require however a bit of reading the product manual to understand how to operate it and the meaning behind the ring colors, could be a bit more straight forward. The quality of the device feels pretty good as well.
Arrived extremely well packed maybe even exaggerating for an already boxed product. Seller communication is excellent, even before arrival provided information and link to instruction manual, thank you.

Lucious Boyle

The product arrives ahead of time, very well packed, arrives in perfect condition .. Box, with manual, case, charging cable and scanner... Thank you .. I recommend the product and the seller... Is tested and works well...

Wilton Stroman

Delivery to Ukraine in 7 days. The device is very good. The menu has Russian language. There is also an instruction on the Russian. The description is very competent. The device checked on all modes. Everything in the description, everything works. Read carefully the instructions and watch the video on the Internet. When searching, calibrate more often, because the scanner is very sensitive. Don't expect miracles. When looking for electrical wiring in the apartment, he will find everything. What is in the wall, fittings, pipes. Wire, can react to voids and so on. Remember, in old high-rise buildings, the electricians did not shank the walls, they cut wires into the cracks between the slabs and into the voids in the slabs themselves. Annoying buzzer easily turns off in the menu. In short, if you learn how to use it correctly, then this is not a device, but a masterpiece. I am very satisfied with the purchase.

Barrett O'Kon

The machine itself can be intuitive and simple.

Ashlynn Morar

Thank you seller!
The goods arrived safely within the time specified by the seller.
The product is of good quality, as described.
The seller is rated 5 +.
Seller and product recommended!



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Frequently asked question

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Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

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