FNIRSI® FNB48P USB Fast Charge Tester


Product Details

Basic Specifications:

- External 16-bit ADC, PD protocol physical chip

- Interface types:

- 5P high-current USB-A port

- 24P full-pin Type-C port

- Micro-USB port


The FNB48USB tester is a high-reliability, high-safety USB voltage and current detection meter and a mobile communication terminal fast charging trigger. It has a 1.77-inch TFTLCD display and integrated USB-A, Micro-USB, Type-C interfaces. Use external 16-bit ADC, PD protocol physical chip. It can be used to measure the power supply or power consumption of products such as USB interfaces, mobile phone chargers, U disks, etc.; it can be used to measure mobile phone charging power and mobile power input and output conditions; it can be used for charger fast charging protocol testing.


- 1.77-inch TFT LCD color screen, resolution 160*128

- CNC metal shell, dust-proof and shockproof

Voltage and Current:

- Voltage detection range: 4-24V; 6-digit display, highest resolution up to 0.00001V

- Current detection range: 0-6.5A; 6-digit display, highest resolution up to 0.00001A

- Power monitoring range: 0-156W; 6-digit display, highest resolution up to 0.00001W

- Energy statistics: 10 groups of switchable capacity, charge, and time data records, with built-in battery capacity calculation formula

- Offline curve recording time: maximum support for 9 hours

- Supports low-speed ripple drawing: sampling rate 2sps->100sps

- Supports high-speed ripple drawing: maximum sampling rate 3.2Msps

Fast Charge Trigger:

- Supports automatic protocol detection and multiple fast charging triggers:

- Apple 2.4A

- QC 2.0 & 3.0

- Samsung AFC

- Huawei FCP & SCP


- SuperVOOC




Cable Identification:

- PD E-Marker 240W cable detection

- DASH cable detection

- Cable internal resistance measurement


- PD monitoring

- On-board temperature measurement

- Analog DASH cable

- Boot-up runtime recording

- Supports gravity sensing, automatic screen orientation switching

- Apple 2.4A acceleration

- Four major functional curve displays: real-time voltage-current curve, offline curve recording, D+D- voltage curve

- High-speed power ripple measurement

- Supports APP and host computer: driver-free installation, data synchronization; APP supports overvoltage and overcurrent alarms

Package Size:

- 4.57 x 3.35 x 0.98 inches; 3.53 ounces

- 11.61×8.51×2.49 cm; 0.100 kg

Package Contents:


Warning Tips:

1. Do not connect a power supply exceeding 24V to the tester.

2.The FNB38 USB-A input port supports high-power input (such as 20V * 5A = 100W. The USB-A output port can withstand 5A current for a short time, The Micro-USB input port does not support large current and high power, and its input current cannot exceed 2.5A. When using high current and high power, it is recommended to use Тype -C female output.

3. The HID-USB interface is only used for data transmission

4. When using high voltage and high power, the temperature of the tester will rise. Please be careful to prevent burns.

When upgrading the firmware of the USB tester, you need to confirm the model first. Please do not use the firmware of other models to upqrade to avoid unexpected errors.


Update Firmware | FNB48P Firmware_V1.10

Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Pedro Fisher

Very top product, arrived a little earlier than expected.
I recommend it.

Maiya Waters

Excellent product, very well finished, whim in the packaging. Works perfectly. Customer support is fantastic.

Maxine Schimmel

An excellent product, came in a very well presented box, very beautiful packaging, the product is very well constructed, in metal, sturdy. The screen is very sharp, with information easy to view and practical, just to enter the "trigger" menu of the communication protocols it takes a while to get the hang of it, since you have to pull the button to the left and alert it at the same time, But this is expected since the device is very compact. I recommend the purchase to those who work in the area of you and electricity and have contact with cell phones, tablets and some new notebooks that use PD.

Laurianne Feest

Tested. Very good product arrived well packed.

Wiley Fay

Arrived fast and looks great.

FNB48P vs. FNB58



Frequently asked question

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

Frequently asked question

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

Frequently asked question

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.