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Product Details

Basic Specifications:

- Model: IR40

- Laser Power: <5mW, CLASS II

- Laser Type: 620-670nm

- Measuring range: 0.05~40m

- Resolution: 1mm

- Laser class: Class Ⅱ

- Laser type: 620-670nm

- Accuracy: ±(2mm + 5x10^-5Dmm)

- Measurement Time: 0.1~3s

- Operating Temperature Range: 0~40℃

- Storage Temperature Range: -20℃ to 60℃

- Executive Standard: GB7247.1-2012


The IR40 smart rangefinder is a high-performance laser rangefinder for designers launched by FNIRSl, which can measure up to 40M. The product is small and exquisite in design, has a long measurement distance and high precision, and supports Mijia APP or self-developed APP. The APP supports a series of powerful functions such as remote control, virtual measurement, simultaneous recording, and floor plan drawing, making measurement simple and convenient, and single person can easily measure.

Display and Technology:

- Unique data storage in Phone app

- Virtual measurement function for real-time measurement

- Drawing measurement function to mark data on real pictures

Functionality and Features:

- High accuracy up to ±1/16 inch

- Measuring distance extended to 135 feet

- M/Ft/In unit switch

- Multiple measurement features: area, distance, volume, continuous measurement, pythagoras

- Low battery indication

- Manually delete data

- Auto shut down after 300s of inactivity

Connectivity and Power:

- Type-C rechargeable with universal charging port

- Full charge allows up to 3000 measurements

- Widely used in various settings: libraries, classrooms, home, construction, industry, etc.

Product Size:

- 4.45 x 3.46 x 1.18 inches; 0.26 pounds

- 11.3 x 8.8 x 3.0 cm; ‎0.12 kg

Package Contents:

- ‎Lasel Distance Meter

- USB Cable

- User Manual


Warning Tips:

- Before using the product, carefully read all operation guides and safety regulations. Failure to follow the manual's instructions may result in product damage, decreased measurement accuracy, or personal injury to users or others.
- Do not attempt to open or repair the product by yourself. Illegally modifying or altering the product's laser emitter performance is strictly prohibited. Store the product securely and out of reach of children to prevent unauthorized use.
- Avoid shining the product's laser on eyes, other body parts, or highly reflective surfaces.
- The product's electromagnetic radiation may interfere with other devices and equipment. Avoid using the product near aircraft, medical equipment, or in flammable or explosive environments.
- Dispose of disused batteries and scrapped products replaced by the product according to national or local regulations, and do not dispose of them with household waste.

Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Cleo Harvey

Great product came very fast 10 days

Gilbert Willms

Excellent laser meter, fulfilled all its functions a very portable size, it is best to be rechargeable

Cedrick Hartmann

good! as expecte, yes the size is very small!!!

Jadon Will

Excellent Product, met all expectations.

Deontae Beer

Really good and helpful .



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What category does it belong to?

It belongs to the category of distance measuring devices.

What are the highlights of it?

The highlights of it include a fast measurement time of 0.1~3s, a compact size of 34.5*79*19mm, and a rechargeable power type.

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