FNIRSI DSO-153 2-IN-1 Mini Digital Oscilloscope Waveform Generator


Product Details

Basic Specifications:

- Sampling Rate (Oscilloscope): 5MSa/s

- Bandwidth (Oscilloscope): 1MHz

- Vertical Sensitivity (Oscilloscope): 10mV/Div - 20V/Div

- Time Base Range (Oscilloscope): 500ns/Div - 20s/Div

- Voltage Range (Oscilloscope): X1: ±40V (Vpp: 80V), X10: ±400V (Vpp: 800V)

- Trigger Method (Oscilloscope): Auto / Normal / Single

- Coupling Method (Oscilloscope): AC/DC

- Frequency Range (Signal Generator): 0-10KHz

- Duty Cycle Range (Signal Generator): 0-100%

- Amplitude Range (Signal Generator): 0.1-3.3V

- Display: 2.8 inches, Resolution: 320 x 240

- USB Charging: 5V/1A

- Lithium Battery Capacity: 1000mAh

- Size: 99x68.3x19.5mm

- Weight: 100g


DSO-153 is a highly practical and cost-effective handheld oscilloscope launched by our company, targeting the maintenance industry and development education industry. This oscilloscope has a real-time sampling rate of 5MS/s, 1MHz bandwidth, and complete triggering function (single, normal, auto). It can be used freely for both periodic analog signals and non-periodic digital signals, and can measure up to ±400V voltage with an efficient one-click AUTO, which can display the measured waveform without complicated adjustments. Additionally, it features a function signal generator capable of outputting 14 types of signals (10KHz). Equipped with a 2.8-inch 320*240 resolution HD LCD screen and a built-in 1000mAh high-quality lithium battery, it can be used for about 4 hours when fully charged.

Display and Technology:

- 2.8-inch display with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels for clear waveform visualization.

Functionality and Features:


- Progressively adjustable vertical sensitivity and time base range for detailed signal analysis.

- Versatile trigger methods including Auto, Normal, and Single for precise waveform capture.

- AC/DC coupling methods for flexible signal measurements.

Signal Generator:

- Generates various waveforms including sine wave, rectangular wave, sawtooth wave, and more for signal testing and analysis.

- Adjustable frequency, duty cycle, and amplitude for waveform customization.

Connectivity and Power:

- USB charging port with 5V/1A input for convenient power supply.

- Lithium battery with a capacity of 1000mAh for portable operation.

Package Size:

- 9.9 x 6.83 x 1.95 cm; 100 g

- 3.90 x 2.69 x 0.77 inches; 3.53 ounces

Package Contents:

Standard Package :

- Host device x1

- Alligator clip probe x1

- Charging cable x1

- Lanyard x1

- User Manual x1

- Packaging color box x1

w/ P6100 High Voltage Probe Package :

- Host device x1

- P6100 High Voltage Probe x1

- Adapter x1

- Alligator clip probe x1

- Charging cable x1

- Lanyard x1

- User Manual x1

- Packaging color box x1


Warning Tips:

1. Electrical Safety:Always ensure that the device is used in accordance with electrical safety standards to prevent electric shock or damage to the equipment.

2.High Voltage: Exercise caution when working with high voltage signals. Make sure to use appropriate safety measures and protective gear to avoid injury.

3. Proper Grounding: Ensure that the oscilloscope is properly grounded to prevent electrical hazards and ensure accurate measurements.

4. Overloading: Avoid applying signals that exceed the specified input voltage range to prevent damage to the device.

5. Heat Dissipation: Allow the device to dissipate heat effectively by ensuring proper ventilation around the device during operation.

6. Firmware Updates: When performing firmware updates, ensure that the process is carried out correctly to avoid any potential disruptions or errors in the operation of the device.

7. Battery Usage: Follow the manufacturer's instructions for charging and using the battery to prevent overheating, fire, or explosion hazards.

8. Storage and Transportation: Store and transport the device carefully to prevent physical damage or exposure to extreme environmental conditions.

9. User Manual: Always refer to the user manual for proper usage instructions, safety precautions, and troubleshooting guidelines.

10. Maintenance: Regularly inspect and maintain the device to ensure optimal performance and safety. If any abnormalities are detected, discontinue use and seek professional assistance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
James Roberts
Fantastic Scope - Wish I knew what "Awaiting Auto-Correction" does!

Love the feature set and the functionality but one undocumented function is bugging me. If you Long Press the AUTO button, text pops up saying "Awaiting Auto-Correction" and then nothing happens. All the buttons are locked and you must press the Reset hole to fix. Very odd.

Keshaun King

Excellent but it took a long time

Leland Nolan

all ok good working

Juvenal Boyle

Looks great. Sometimes, it can't do automatic settings, and it freezes for a long time until discharge or reset. In general, for education purposes and sound measures, it is great. Excellent packaging.

Leslie Hegmann

Arrived in good condition. Just what I needed for the moment.



Please read our FAQs page to find out more.

Can I interface the FNIRSI® oscilloscope with my computer for data analysis or remote control?

Yes, many FNIRSI® oscilloscope models offer USB or LAN connectivity options for interfacing with computers. This allows for data analysis, remote control, and additional functionality through software applications.

What is the maximum bandwidth and sample rate of the FNIRSI® oscilloscope?

The maximum bandwidth and sample rate of the FNIRSI® oscilloscope vary depending on the model. Please refer to the specific model's specifications for accurate details.

How do I set up and use the FNIRSI® oscilloscope for basic measurements?

To set up and use the FNIRSI® oscilloscope for basic measurements:
1. Connect the probe to the signal source.
2. Power on the oscilloscope and select the appropriate channel.
3. Adjust the vertical and horizontal settings for proper waveform display.
4. Set the triggering mode and level.
5. Adjust probe compensation if necessary.
6. Interpret the displayed waveform for measurements.
7. Refer to the user manual for detailed instructions and troubleshooting tips.

What types of triggering options are available on the FNIRSI® oscilloscope?

The FNIRSI® oscilloscope typically offers various triggering options including edge, pulse width, video, slope, and alternate triggering.

What maintenance and calibration procedures are recommended for the FNIRSI® oscilloscope?

Regular maintenance for the FNIRSI® oscilloscope includes cleanliness, ventilation, and protection from dust and moisture. Calibration involves adjusting probe compensation, verifying signal accuracy, and performing self-calibration routines. Consult the manual for specifics. Also, contact customer service for assistance.

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